CreatorHQ: Complete Creator Operating System


CreatorHQ is an all-in-one operating system designed to help you save more time, create more content, and drive more revenue.

Creators have so much to manage – content creation, task management, partner communication – the list goes on and on. And as your creator business grows, the demands on your time only increase.

We experienced this firsthand. So we spent 3+ years crafting a system of backend operations in Notion to make running our creator business easy. As a result, Creator Science earns more than $500,000/yr, and our audience is growing fast.

CreatorHQ is the backbone of Creator Science. We use it every day (and would be completely lost without it). Now, it's available for you to use too.

It’s comprehensive while still being intuitive. And we built a ton of training and tutorials right into the template so that you can learn how to use it as you go.

CreatorHQ Includes:

  • Comprehensive content calendar that supports ideation for YouTube, email, podcasting, and all forms of social media

  • Tools for preparing YouTube videos, including video titles, scripting, and research

  • System for easily repurposing your content

  • Connected system of Goal, Project, and Task Management

  • Lightweight CRM

  • Sponsorship Dashboard to help you manage brand deals from lead to payment

  • Affiliate Dashboard to help you manage your links and outstanding commissions

  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Database

  • Audience Dashboard for capturing Problems & Frequently Asked Questions

  • System for encouraging outreach

  • Mobile Inbox for quickly capturing ideas on the fly

  • KPI tracking spreadsheet (Google Sheets)

  • Online Course Planning Template

  • Private, Personal Dashboard to organize your life OUTSIDE of work

  • Integrated training and tutorials designed to make implementation easy

  • Affiliate Program

  • All designed to support sharing and collaboration (safely)

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